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Audio questions
Making CDs
Login problems
Finding subscriptions
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Payment questions
Signup questions
Re subscribing questions
PDF questions

We are continually trying to improve our Web Subscription Service by making it as clear and simple as possible. If you are experiencing problems or if have any suggestions, please let us know.

You can contact us with problems at problems@fhu.com, but before you do, please help us by first checking out the Q&A section below as the answer to your question may already be there. If your question is not answered there, please contact us and we will add the question in the Q & A section to help others.
 Audio Questions

I can't listen to the MP3 audio on the site?
Depending on how your browser is set up, it may not allow you to play the MP3 audio directly in your browser and so the only option will be to download them first and then listen.
To download, "Right Click" on the audio you want, then from the menu that appears, "Left Click" on "Save Target As", and choose where you want to save it on your computer, for example, "My Documents" or "Desktop".

Can the MP3 audio be put on an MP3 player
Yes they can. Just transfer them when you connect your MP3 Player. For those with iPods, you will need to load them into iTunes first, and from there you can sync with the iPod.

What's the difference between MP3 and Real Media (RM)
MP3 audio is a larger file size, but is far better quality. It is best for users with DSL or Cable internet. For those with Dial-up internet, downloading MP3 will take a long time so the Real Media (RM) would be best for you.

 Burning CDs

Can I make a CD with the Real Media files
You can't make an audio cd with Real Media audio, But you can make a data CD and store the audio files on it. Your computer will be able to play them from the CD, but it will not play in your CD player or car

Can I make an MP3 CD
Depending on your CD burning software, you can make two different types of CD with MP3 files. You can make an MP-CD that will only play in MP3-CD players and you can also make a normal audio CD that will play in CD players and your Car.

 Login Problems

I forgot my Password
At the Login Screen there is a box where you can enter your email address and your password will be sent to you.

I'm locked out because I tried to login too many times
You will have to email websubs@fhu1.org to have it unlocked.

I can't login because it says my account expired
You can login directly to your account here: My Account and re subscribe.

 I can't find my subscriptions

The links to your Subscriptions
Below the blue banner at the top of the page are the text links to the different Web Subscriptions. If you have a Yearly or Monthly Web Subscription, click the "Radio Programs"link and 2 more text links will appear : New Insights and Audio/Video Extras.
Clicking on the New Insights link will bring up the is the FHU's newsletter.
Clicking on the Audio/Video Extras link will bring up a page of bonus audios and videos.

 Change Username and Password

How do I change my Username and Password?
Login in the usual way.
Click on the "My Account" link at the top RH corner of any page. The page that comes up is your account.
Simply type a new Username and Password in the boxes and click the "Update" button.

 Payment Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept, Master card, Visa and Discover. We do not accept American Express

 Signup Questions

I tried signing up to a subscription, but it failed, so I tried to sign up again and now it says there is already an account with the same name/email address?
Although the transaction failed, your websub account has been set up. Until a payment is made, you won't have access to any subscriptions. To retry your credit card or use another, please login into your account with your username and password.

 Re Subscribing Questions

I tried to re-subscribe at the Sign-up Page, but it told me there is someone who already has that email address.
That person is you!
Because you already have an account, it will not allow you to sign-up again using the same name, email address or username. Although your subscription may expire, your account never does (ever). This is so you can log in when the subscription expires and re-subscribe. If you don't know your login details, you can have your password emailed to you at the login page.

To re-subscribe, please do the following.
1. Click on the My Account link on the top RH corner of the page.
2. Click on the Subscriptions tab at the top of the page
3. Select the Subscription you would like to resubscribe to
4. Select Credit Card as the payment system
5. Click the Subscribe button.
6. Fill out the form with your name and address (where the credit card is registered to) and enter your credit card info to make a payment.

Please Note
You cannot resubscribe while your subscription is still active.

 PDF Questions

I can't open pdf documents on the site?
Depending on how your browser is set up, it may not allow pdf documents to open directly in your browser and so the only option, will be to download and then open them on your computer.
To download, "Right Click" on the document you want, then from the menu that appears, "Left Click" on "Save Target As", and choose where you want to save it on your computer, for example, "My Documents" or "Desktop".


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