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Audio & Video Extras
The audio and videos below are a complimentary additions to the Yearly and Monthly Web Subscriptions. Here you will find some of Roy's best lectures in audios and videos - enjoy.
Videos from Roy's 1980 Lecture Series
Man's Danger from the Woman He Loves
Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged
Reversing The Process of Old Age

Complimentary Audios
Download MP3
 Sex, Violence, Love, Hate mp3
 Sickness & Disease mp3
 Roy Masters Debates Walter Martin mp3
 Resolving Family Problems mp3
 Why Children Have Problems mp3
 Addiction to Drugs, Sex & Alcohol mp3
 All About Judgment mp3
 A Deeper Look Into Family Problems mp3
 Forgiveness mp3
 The Crisis of Faith Through Emotion mp3
 Dealing with Intimidation mp3
 How to Have a Happy Family mp3
 Roy Masters Interprets the Bible mp3
 The Meaning of Human Existence mp3
 Secrets of Salvation mp3
 Conquering Anger mp3
 Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged mp3
 The Truth Shall Set You Free mp3
 The Art of Forgetting mp3
 Promises of Wealth in the Bible mp3
 Sin and the False Church mp3


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