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The Power of Speaking Up - Download

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Lecture by Roy Masters

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Roy gives practical advice! 10/13/2006 - by Jahred from unspecified
Recorded Live at Tall Timber Ranch, 1995

Roy begins lecturing a group of people about practical issues. He focuses mainly on how to lead a life with a strong open personality. Roy gives wonderful examples from his own life when faced with intimidation; he spiritually overcomes it using "mental jujitsu". His anecdotes are both encouraging and inspirational. Throughout the whole thing he is helping people who have some good questions. They raise some good topics centering around "Speaking Up". Roy Masters can make light of serious conversations and is humorous but at the same time he helps everybody realize the world, the problem and how to deal with it all.
Power of Speaking Up - Now I Get It! 08/12/2006 - by L from Los Angeles
I just listened to this lecture for the first time. I have always been a very quiet person. Roy Masters described my innere feelings perfectly in this talk. It is amazing how he does that. I know that I grew up amongst family memebers who were very active talkers. I retreated behind a wall of silence as a barrier feeling that I could not compete and win with all that overtly expressed energy through much talking.

I always rationalized it to my personality and the fact that I had a talent for music. As a musician I expressed my self through music rather than words. But the feelings inside of anger and fear were the real cause as Roy explains so clearly in this talk.

The tragic consequences of this not speaking up extended in adult life to biting my tongue even in the face of an unwanted (by me) abortion. The effects of that have been a destructive factor in my life for about 25 years.

I do the Be Still and Know observation excercise. I listen to Roy's advice line. And the "Power of Speaking Up," by Roy Masters has touched a very deep place within for me.

Are you too quiet? I would recommend lstening to this presentation. It has helped me enormously.



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